Quiet Room® label, your best choice for a good night’s sleep

Do you prefer a quiet hotel room where you can enjoy a good night’s sleep? From 2015, this site will show a list of hotels (link to list) that carry the Quiet Room® label and will guarantee you a perfectly quiet night. You will be able to choose your hotel and book your quiet room directly.

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For us to have achieved the highest level of the Quietroom Label and the Quiet Hotel Award and being located in the most central part of Paris, it is a very strong competitive advantage & leverage against our competitors.

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Silence, noise and the creation of the Quiet Room® label

Noise is everywhere, real silence is very hard to find. In this e-book we discuss the hazards of noise pollution, the desire for silence and the development of the Quiet Room® label. With contributions by well-known journalists and seasoned travellers.
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