Quiet Room® Design & Build, the turnkey concept for soundproof hotel rooms

The Quiet Room® label, the first and only worldwide certificate for quiet hotel rooms, is gaining more and more recognition in the hospitality world. An increasing number of hotels pay heed to the traveller’s demand for quiet hotel rooms and have their rooms inspected and certified. But since not all hotel rooms meet the standards of the QR label, there is also a growing demand for acoustic insulation and renovation.

In reaction to this demand, the Knowledge Centre Sound Insulation (KGI), the initiator of the QR label, has developed the Quiet Room® Design & Build Total Concept in close cooperation with its knowledge partners in the field of acoustic insulation. This turnkey package contains all the necessary expertise and sound proofing measures to make hotel rooms more quiet and includes certification for the QR label. This makes it THE solution for hotels that are looking for a quick and efficient way to adapt their rooms to the new quietness trend.

Take a look at the video animation about the Quiet Room® Design & Build concept

QR-quickscan inspection and soundproofing measures

Does your hotel have noisy hotel rooms and are you thinking of renovation, then the turnkey concept Quiet Room® Design & Build is the perfect solution to achieve optimal soundproof rooms.

  • The first step in the process is a QR-Quickscan inspection to establish which sound leaks exist in the room
  • We follow this up with a first digital mood board and a concept proposal for a comprehensive solution including costs
  • After implementation of the sound proofing measures the room will be acoustically measured and certified in accordance with the standards of the QR label

The Quiet Room® Design & Build Total Concept offers a winning combination of renovation and certification for the QR label, which hotels can use to promote their quiet rooms.

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Application for the Quiet Room® certificate

Are your hotel rooms already equipped with the necessary soundproofing in conformity with the standards of the Quiet Room® label? And would you like to profit from the commercial advantages of the label such as:

  • Put up the Quiet Rooms® Available sign at the hotel entrance
  • Use the Quiet Room® logo for advertising and promotional activities
  • Your hotel can be found through the dedicated search engine on www.quiethotelroom.org and will be visible to thousands of travellers looking for a quiet hotel room

Do not wait any longer and apply for the Quiet Room® certificate. More than 150 hotels have already obtained it!

Apply for the QR certificate now


The Five Senses Sleep Program for Improved Sleep in Hotels

Sound sleep is one of the foundations of a healthy life, yet more than 30% of people worldwide suffer from sleeping problems. Travel only increases these problems, because of different surroundings, different food and different time zones. Hotels strive to offer their guests the maximum sleep comfort, but a good night’s rest remains a rare commodity. The Five Senses Sleep Program is a new, science-based, approach to help hotels provide their clients with an improved sleep experience.

The Five Senses Sleep Program has been developed by the Quietroom Foundation and is the result of a close cooperation with the Knowledge Centre Sound Insulation (KGI) and Somnio, a scientific institute specializing in sleep therapy and insomnia treatment. Scientific investigation has shown that all the five senses are involved when it comes to sleeping. In terms of what a hotel room should provide, this means a well-insulated room, pleasant decor and lighting, adjustable temperature, a comfortable bed with a choice of mattress and pillows and a choice of aromas and music. Additional services may encompass things like healthy food, exercise programs, yoga, and massage.

The Five Senses Sleep Program provides hotels with practical instruments and professional advice on aspects such as Design & Lighting, Sound Insulation, Aromas, Healthy Food and Bedding. It offers a full range of instruments: sound insulation based on the Quietroom® label certification, decor & lighting advice, custom scent design and delivery, mattress (topper) & pillow menus and exercise & relax programs. The Quietroom Foundation’s 1-day Sleep Comfort Seminar enables hotels to increase their knowledge of the latest insights and products relating to sleep and thereby offer a better service to their clients.

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