(Acoustic) consultants, designers and constructors involved with projects in the hotel industry can give their building systems, construction processes, and services a special quality label by means of the Quietroom Design & Build Certificate, thereby making them more attractive to clients in the hotel industry. There are two ways of obtaining the certificate: either by having your systems/processes/services audited to see if they meet the Quietroom® label standards, or by attending a training course aimed at acquiring the necessary insights and skills with regard to the application of the Quietroom standards.

In order to certify, systems/processes/services must meet a number of requirements. These have been set down in the Quietroom Design & Build Handbook, which provides a detailed description of the qualification process and criteria. If your systems/processes/services meet the requirements, you will receive the requested Quietroom Design & Build Certificate. In addition, this will be published on the Quietroom website, in order that interested parties can always find and download it.

A Quietroom Design & Build Certificate is generally valid for a period of one year, because the QR certification requirements and the corresponding certificates are regularly modified to adapt to new (market) developments, legislation and standards. This is why it is important to check the website to see whether a certificate is still valid.

Application for the certificate

If you would like your systems/processes/services to be considered for the Quietroom Design & Build Certificate, you can submit an application to the Quietroom foundation. On reception of your application we will send you an estimate with a plan of action for the pre-certification audit.

[application form]

Application for a training

I you would like (one or more of your employees) to apply for a training, please contact alice@kgigroep.nl


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