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On 18 December the Quiet Hotel Awards 2015 were presented.  After careful evaluation of the more than 100 hotels which possess a Quiet Room® label, the following categories were selected:

  • Quiet Hotel Award 2015

  • Quiet City Hotel Award

  • Quiet Airport Hotel Award

  • Quiet Design and Build Award

The evaluation was carried out by the independent Quietroom Foundation, which monitors the qualification of hotels for the Quiet Room® label. The selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Occupation (busy) location of the hotel
  • Number of rooms and number of rooms with a QR-label
  • Number of rooms with the highest QR-qualification
  • Design & build measures for sound insulation
  • client reviews on social media
The Quiet Hotel Awards are the initiative of the Quietroom Foundation, whose aim is to stimulate the development of quiet hotel rooms and safeguard the quality of the Quiet Room® label.

The Quiet Room® label is an objective standard for the sound insulation of hotel rooms.


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