What does the QR-label stand for?

The Quiet Room® label is a certificate for quiet hotel rooms. Hotels which already have quiet rooms, can hire KGI to test these rooms for the quality of their sound insulation. Based on the measurements, rooms will be assigned to one of three silence categories. Hotels which don’t meet the criteria can have their rooms sound proofed by KGI and thus acquire the QR-label. The QR-label guarantees guests that they will get a well-insulated room.


What is KGI?

The Kenniscentrum Geluidsisolatie (KGI) is a network of specialists in the field of acoustics and sound insulation. KGI collects and disseminates information on these topics and provides sound proofing for buildings and other projects. KGI has taken the initiative in setting up the Quiet Room® label for hotels.


What is the Quietroom Foundation?

The Quietroom Foundation oversees certification for the Quiet Room®  label, safeguards its quality and promotes the proliferation of the label and the creation of quiet hotel rooms. Through various channels such as newspapers, TV, internet en social media the foundation generates publicity around the label en distributes information for travellers about quiet hotels.


If a hotel carries the Quiet Room®  label, does this mean all its rooms are quiet?

No. The Quiet Room®  label is based on the measurement of the quality of the sound insulation of individual rooms. Hotels are free to decide how many rooms they want to be certified. The label is therefore valid for at least one room.


Is it not true that hotels which are situated in the middle of a forest or a remote spot always have quiet rooms?

Not necessarily. Noise in hotel rooms often comes from noisy guests in adjacent rooms, from cooling systems, kitchens or other hotel installations. Only with specific sound insulation can hotel rooms be made more quiet.


How do I recognise a hotel with the Quiet Room® label?

Hotels with a Quiet Room®  label usually have a Quiet Room® shield near the entrance and a Quiet Room®  certificate at the reception desk. They advertise with the Quiet Room®  label and they can be found on the Internet when you search for Quiet Room label.


I think it’s safe to assume that a five-star hotel has quiet rooms?

There is no guarantee that it does. It is true that five-star hotels usually take more care to soundproof their rooms than two-, three- or four-star hotels, but you can still have problems with noise coming from adjacent rooms or from outside. Hotel rooms can only be made more quiet with specific sound insulation measures.


I know a hotel which has quiet rooms; can I recommend this to carry the Quiet Room® label?

You are more than welcome to recommend a hotel with quiet rooms to us. We will contact the hotel to find out whether it is interested in acquiring the Quiet Room®  label. If the answer is yes, we will perform the necessary measurements and if this has a positive result, the hotel may carry the Quiet Room®  label.


What do the categories I, II an III of the Quiet Room® label mean?

The certification process of the Quiet Room® label is based on measurements of different types of sound in and around hotel rooms. For every hotel room, we also measure the two adjacent rooms. The categories are mainly based on the measurement of airborne sound and impact sound.


What is the Quietroom Design and Build turn key concept ?




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