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With the search for a quiet hotel room has become a lot easier

Still reeling from a succession of noisy nights during your last hotel visit? Tired from being woken up time and again by loud guests in neighbouring hotel rooms, hooting cars or planes flying over? Desperate to find a hotel that can really guarantee you a quiet room and a restful stay?

Well, life is about to get a lot easier for you. As of 2015, you can use the dedicated search engine on to find hotels with quiet rooms. All participating hotels are certified and have several rooms with a Quiet Room® label. This certification system offers the weary traveller the certainty of a good night’s sleep.

Created by Dutch soundproofing specialists KGI, the QR-label is a response to the rapidly growing demand for quiet hotel rooms. For years, noise has been the No.1 complaint in hotel guest surveys around the world. Hotels have been slow to react and taken half-hearted measures like creating silent zones or providing white noise machines to drown out ambient sounds. Few hotels have adequately soundproofed rooms, and most of these, funny enough, can be found at airports.

Only with the advent of social media, which has given more power to travellers and their online reviews, have noise and the lack of quiet hotel rooms become a serious issue for hotels. Negative reviews on sites like Tripadvisor can really impact hotel bookings, and so hotels have become more amenable to taking soundproofing measures.

On you can find all the information about the participating hotels and directly book your quiet hotel room. And on our blog we regularly write about about new developments in the field of quiet hotels.

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