Label for really quiet hotel rooms

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Label for really quiet hotel rooms

We are talking to Lucas Keizer of the KGI Group. Before you book a hotel, check whether it has quiet rooms. KGI has created a special label.

  1. Are things really that bad where noisy hotel rooms are concerned?
    Absolutely. Noise is the major complaint in hotels, according to a world wide survey. On travel sites you find a lot of complaints about noise. Hotel guests want a quiet room.

  2. Have you experienced noisy neighbours in hotels?
    I have slept in hotels in Holland and abroad where I could understand what people were saying in the adjacent room. Even in 4 or 5 star hotels where you do not expect it. The next day you feel awful. Very irritating.

  3. Will a label help?
    At present, you can only find out how quiet or noisy a hotel room is by staying the night. With the label, a traveller will be able to choose a hotel with quiet rooms.

  4. How do you know if a hotel room is sound proof?
    We test hotel rooms with a sound source which produces sound frequencies and vibrations. The data are processed by special software which shows how noisy a room is. A quiet room gets the quiet room label.

  5. Gap in the market?
    It could become really big. Hotels from Switzerland, France and Germany have already shown an interest and we are talking to several large Dutch hotel chains.

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