Quietroom Product Certificate

In the construction sector, and therefore in the hotel business, small errors can lead to big lapses in performance. These errors tend to only become visible at a late stage: through bad reviews, [...]


As sponsor of the Quietroom foundation you profit from our extensive network in the hotel industry and the excellent reputation of the Quietroom® label. The foundation promotes the label and the [...]


The Quietroom foundation emits certificates for innovative soundproofing products, systems, services and processes developed for the hotel industry, which satisfy the requirements of the [...]

(Acoustic) consultants

The Quiet Room® label Handbook Sound Insulation Are you an (acoustic) consultant and involved in the acoustic insulation of hotel rooms? Then you will surely be interested in the Quiet Room® [...]

Architects / developers

New: Quiet Room® Guide for architects and developers In order to support architects and developers, the Quietroom Foundation, which oversees the Quiet Room® label, has published the Quiet Room® [...]