2015 – Successful year for Quiet Room® label

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On 18 December the Quiet Hotel Awards 2015 were presented. This memorable fact marks a new milestone, for there are now over 100 hotels in Holland and Europe which carry the Quiet Room® label. This is a clear indication that the QR label is gaining popularity and that hotels understand they need to address the growing demand for quiet hotel rooms. And it is not just individual hotels that seek qualification; even large hotel chains such as Swissotel, NH and Hilton have already had several of their hotels qualified and are planning to expand the number in the near future. https://youtu.be/8wxSt4bG05E

Quiet Room® Design & Build Total concept

There is a growing demand, not just for the QR label but also for the acoustic insulation needed to make rooms meet the QR standards. However, many hotels hesitate to embark on a long process of investigation, refurbishment, insulation and certification, because this means that the rooms in question can’t be used and do not generate any income. To help address this problem, the Knowledge Centre Sound Insulation (KGI) and its partners have developed a unique new concept: the Quiet Room® Design & Build Total Concept. This allows for all the necessary insulation measures to be carried out rapidly and at once and it also includes certification of hotel rooms.

Licencing program

In the light of the great interest in the Quiet Room® label outside Holland, the Quietroom foundation has recently developed a licencing model. The aim is to appoint one or more licensees per country, who will be able to carry out the certification and acoustic adaptations for the QR label. The foundation will monitor the quality of the certifications and take care of marketing and publicity. This licencing program will enable a faster yet closely controlled global roll-out of the QR label. https://youtu.be/e8K38zsn4SQ

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