A guaranteed good night’s rest after a busy day?

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Find hotels with certified silent rooms on www.quiethotelroom.org

You’ve had a hectic business day. Important appointments, lots of talking, dealing and dining. Now it’s late and you want nothing more than a good night’s sleep. For tomorrow another busy day awaits you. You’ve booked your hotel in a convenient location, but does it provide the quiet room to guarantee you an undisturbed night?

Many business travellers complain about noisy hotel rooms. They usually book a hotel in the city centre or in a business area. Noise, both from outside and inside the hotel, is hard to avoid. Street noises, music, people talking or laughing in adjacent rooms, there’s always something that will stop the weary traveller from getting enough sleep.

Of course, many hotels promise that they have quiet rooms available. Some of them even take special measures. There are certain hotels that use high-tech machines to block out noises, which play the sounds of rain or waves. Some hotels sell ear plugs and sleeping masks. And some use special architecture which blocks out all the noise, like masonry blocks which are filled with a foam that blocks sound.

Unfortunately, these hotels are still few and far between. But there’s a new development that may help the business traveller get his deserved sleep. It’s the Quiet Room® label, a Dutch initiative which provides certification of silent hotel rooms. Hotels which carry the label are guaranteed to have quiet hotel rooms that have been rigorously measured for sound insulation.

On www.quiethotelroom.org, you can search and directly book rooms in hotels which carry the label. The website also provides background information on the participating hotels and the process of sound insulation and certification.


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